21+ Home Office Ideas That Pack a Punch & Boost Productivity

21+ Home Office Ideas That Pack a Punch & Boost Productivity

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Looking for some inspiring, productivity-boosting home office ideas?

Take a seat. You’re in the right place.

Because whether you’re already well on your way to designing the home office of your dreams…

Or whether you’re someone who walks into their boring and drab home office each day with equal parts loathing, disappointment, and regret…

This post is chock-full of amazing home office ideas to fuel your design inspiration.

We’ll even give you pointers if you’re itching to recreate any of these workspaces.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Create Visual Intrigue With Odd Numbers

Rule of three

Odd numbers — the number three especially — have a knack for being visually captivating.

Why is that?

Well, it’s just how we’re wired. Our brains process information better when it’s grouped into odd numbers.

It’s why interior designers swear by the rule of three.

How to Get Started

When you arrange items in threes, fives, or sevens, you get a more balanced and dynamic aesthetic.

So, use this to your advantage inside your home office…

Scout for peculiar objects in odd numbers to bring some pizzazz to your workspace.

Learn More About Interior Designers’ Secret Weapon

2. Green Up Your Space With Plants

Home office with indoor plants

It’s amazing what a simple plant or two can do for a home office.

No view? Get a houseplant. Uninspiring colors in your office? Get a houseplant. Need some fresh air after that infamous “fish in the microwave” incident last week? Get a houseplant.

(Though, for that last one, an actual air purifier would be better.)

How to Get Started

Unless you have a green thumb, it’s important to find resilient houseplants for your home office. The money plant is a popular choice. So is the snake plant (aka mother-in-law’s tongue).

And if you need a plant that’s virtually impossible to kill, go for a lucky bamboo (aka the only plant yours truly has never accidentally destroyed).

These are especially good options if, like mine, your office lacks natural light.

Learn More About the Power of Indoor Plants

3. Sit in Style (& Comfort)

ergonomic desk chair

Until about a year ago, I’d been sitting in the same desk chair for over a decade.

It was worn. It was uncomfortable. And, as my wife reminded me more than a few times, it made my (otherwise nice) home office setup look ugly.

But more than that, it was hurting my back.

What my office needed — what I needed — was a chair that could positively impact my home office decor while providing essential support during long work hours.

But which one?

How to Get Started

Herman Miller chairs get much-deserved accolades, but they were too expensive for my wallet.

So, when I finally took the leap (pun intended — you’ll see what I mean in a moment) and bought a new desk chair, I opted for the Steelcase Leap (see, there it is).

I love this chair. Love it, love it, love it.

But, it isn’t cheap.

So if the Leap is out of your budget, the Steelcase Series 1 is a viable, lower-cost alternative with quite a few fans.

And if you need to go even lower, Amazon Basics has a mid-back, mesh chair from Amazon Basics has over 9,000 five-star reviews.

(Whichever one you go with, don’t forget to grab a chair mat. This guide of ours will help.)

Learn More About the Perfect Home Office Chair for Your Derrière

4. Ditch the Chair & Stand Up

Standing desk

Of course, even if you do have a nice, comfortable, ergonomic chair…

You shouldn’t sit in it too much.

According to the Mayo Clinic, people who sit for more than eight hours a day (with no physical activity) don’t live as long.


Well, taking a break every 30 minutes or so to stand and walk around is a good (and free!) solution that’ll help.

But if you really wanted to take things up a notch, try a standing desk.

It’ll improve your posture, your circulation, and it’ll help mitigate the health risks of prolonged sitting.

(Quick heads up, though: If you get one, transition gradually. You need to give your body time to adjust to this new kind of sit-stand work style.)

How to Get Started

If you like your current desk, a “standing desk converter” is an economical way to transform it into a sit-stand workstation.

But if you’re game for replacing your entire desk, check out the Uplift V2. It’s the one my Dad uses, and I can attest to its sturdiness.

And if you’d like to supply your own tabletop (I used a large piece of butcher block we had in storage), an electric base is a great solution.

Here’s the one I purchased from iMovr.

Learn More About the Standing Desk Lifestyle

5. Add Some Color

Bright wall colors

Want a subtle but impactful way to enhance your productivity and creativity?

Change the wall colors in your office.

Color psychology tells us that colors evoke emotions in us, which, in turn, affects our behavior.

So, if you want a dead simple “hack” to make you happier and more productive inside your home office…

Head over to your Home Depot or Sherwin-Williams store.

How to Get Started

Research shows shades of blues, greens, and yellows positively affect mood and focus, making them perfect for a home office environment.

Pick out a color you like, invite a friend or two over with the promise of pizza, and then start painting.

Learn More About the Transformative Power of Color

6. Make a Splash With a Statement Wall of Colorful Artwork

home office wall decor wallpaper

Another way to utilize color psychology is through artwork.

Inject personality into your workspace with a vibrant, eclectic art gallery wall featuring inspiring quotes, images, and colorful artwork that resonate with you.

This kind of personalized display can be a constant source of motivation for you by reflecting your passions and aspirations.

How to Get Started

You’ve likely heard variations of this quote a lot over the years:

“I don’t know if it’s art, but I know I like it.”

It’s very applicable here.

I know zilch about art.


I know what I like, and I know what I believe looks good (and not so good) in my home office.

You’re undoubtedly the same way — regardless of whether you have an art degree hanging on your wall or not.

So, “do art” your way.

Mix and match styles, sizes, and mediums for a visually engaging centerpiece. And don’t be afraid to experiment with unorthodox pieces that reflect your one-of-a-kind taste.

Learn More About Blending Artwork into Your Home Office Design

7. Light Up Your Workspace With Decorative Lighting

Desk lamp on office desk

Who said perfect lighting is just only for romantic dinners and trendy bars?

Ditch the dull overhead lights and illuminate your workspace with some brilliant lighting options that’ll not only elevate your productivity but also showcase your personal style.

How to Get Started

With their adjustable necks and varying brightness levels, desk lamps are like a caffeinated kick, spotlighting your focus right where it belongs.

Table lamps, on the other hand, can offer an ambient glow that marries function and fashion, transforming your workspace into a comfy, cozy haven.

And then there’s the mighty floor lamp. Think of it as the cherry on top of your home office sundae, merging the practicality of task lighting with your distinct sense of style.

Learn More About Lighting Up Your Workspace

8. Unleash Your Creative Side With a Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard wall in home office

Think chalkboards are just for kids?

Kids love ’em, sure, but a chalkboard wall can be a great addition to a home office too.

It’s a versatile addition that encourages creativity and adds a playful touch to your workspace.

How to Get Started

Buy some chalkboard paint and go to town.

The result will be a functional and interactive surface for brainstorming, note-taking, or doodling (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Learn More About Chalkboard Paint

9. Go Wireless

Ditch the cables and go for a wireless home office setup

“I love cables hanging all over the place,” said no one ever.

You don’t have to be a minimalist to loathe cables.

They look messy. They’re constantly getting tangled. And, if you’re like me, you can never find the one you need when you need it.

Want to simplify your desk setup?

Ditch the cables. Go wireless.

How to Get Started

Start by getting a wireless charging station for your mobile devices (phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc).

Next, look into a wireless keyboard and mouse. (Logitech has several great options.) If you have wired speakers, look into wireless options there too.

And for the cables you can’t eliminate, keep them at bay with a cable management bin or cable bin. Then you won’t have to recoil in horror every time you look under your desk.

Learn More About Achieving a Wireless Utopia

10. Add Shelving: The Unsung Hero of Space Management

home office ladder shelf

I bet you think shelves are about as exciting as watching paint dry.

But what if I told you shelving could be the Superman of your home office, rescuing you from the villain of clutter?

Vertical shelving is your ticket to a tidy, organized workspace.

It’s a simple twist, but it can make a skyscraper of difference in your office efficiency.

How to Get Started

Kick things off by sizing up your walls.

What fits? Floating shelves for a modern touch or cubbies for the packrats?

Pick a style that screams “you” and turn your walls into a space-saving superhero.

Learn More About Shelving Ideas for Your Home Office

11. Upgrade Your Desk to Something More Modern

modern desk

Forget about the traditional four-legged desk. That’s so last century.

Instead, embrace the floating desk, the multi-purpose desk, the corner desk, or the standing desk I mentioned earlier.

These aren’t just pieces of furniture, they’re space transformers. They’re your office’s own little shape-shifters, helping you tailor your workspace to your needs, not the other way around.

How to Get Started

Begin with a soul-searching session…

Do you crave extra storage or yearn for minimalist Zen?

Hunt down desk styles online — from floating magic carpets to multi-purpose marvels.

But make sure to keep your space and comfort in mind, always.

Learn More About Upgrading Your Office Desk

12. Get Some Office Furniture That’s For More Than Just Sitting

home office furniture; filing cabinet that holds a printer on top of it

Who said office furniture should always involve a chair?

Not me. I say it’s time to embrace the unsung heroes of the furniture world.

Filing cabinets that double as printers’ perches, bookcases that moonlight as coffee stations, modular systems that adapt to your evolving work… the possibilities are endless.

How to Get Started

Give your current furniture a long, hard look.

Is it pulling its weight? Could it wear more hats?

Dive into the world of furniture that doubles up — think filing cabinets moonlighting as surfaces or modular systems that bend to your will.

Learn More About the Unsung Heroes of the Furniture World

13. Incorporate Desk Accessories: The Secret Sauce of a Joyful Workspace

home office desk accessories; notebook and pen

Let’s talk about keyboard mats, wrist-supporting mouse pads, coasters that inspire, and notebooks that ignite creativity.

Sexy? No, but I’d argue they’re vital.

These aren’t just accessories; they’re your silent partners in productivity, the unseen forces that make your workspace not just a place to work, but a place to thrive.

How to Get Started

Pin down the sidekicks you use daily and imagine their superhero versions.

Ergonomic mouse pads, coasters that inspire, notebooks that add a touch of class…

These tiny warriors can make your workspace a place you love to live in and get things done.

14. Type Louder (i.e., Get a Mechanical Keyboard)

mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are like the sports cars of the typing world, offering you a smoother ride, less strain, and a satisfying soundtrack of clicks and clacks.

It’s a simple swap, but it could revolutionize your typing experience.

How to Get Started

Do your homework on mechanical keyboards and get your fingers on one if you can.

(Odds are you have at least one mechanical keyboard enthusiast in your life. Yes, I’m talking about you, Tim.)

Focus on the feel, the sound, and the lifespan. The internet is brimming with guides and reviews to help you pick your perfect typing partner.

15. Living Room Office: The Master of Disguise

living room home office

No extra room for an office? No problem.

Your living room can become an office chameleon, shifting from cozy lounge to productive workspace and back again.

Choose smart, versatile furniture that blends in when off-duty and steps up when it’s crunch time.

How to Get Started

Cast your eye over your living room.

Any corners crying out for a purpose?

Search for furniture that can play office by day and living room by night, blending into the background when off duty.

Where to Learn More

16. Let Rest Meet Productivity With a Bedroom Office

home office in a bedroom

Don’t have room in your living room for a home office?

Why not an office in your bedroom?

It sounds counterintuitive, right? A productivity workspace in the same place you sleep? Really?

It’s not ideal, but with the right zoning, your bedroom can be a peaceful sanctuary and a bustling office.

Besides, if your place doesn’t have the space for a standalone home office (raises hand), and there’s no space in your living room, having a bedroom serve double duty may be your best (or only) option.

(I say “may” because there are two more outside-the-box options I’ll share with you in a moment. But first things first.)

How to Get Started

Stake out a corner of your bedroom for office territory.

Use room dividers, position your desk strategically, and your bedroom can pull a surprising double duty without sacrificing your precious work-life balance.

17. Create a Small but Mighty Closet Office

home office inside closet

You’re probably laughing. But, hold that thought.

This is for those who think they don’t have room for a home office — even in your living room or bedroom.

If that’s you, your neglected closet is the underdog ready to rise, transforming into a compact, private workspace that’s entirely its own thing.

How to Get Started

Measure your closet and dream up a cozy little office.

You might need to wave goodbye to doors or bring in some extra light.

Seek out furniture that fits snugly into your new office nook.

18. Take Your Work Outside (Into a Home Office Shed)

home office shed

Using a shed as a home office?

Sounds like a wild idea, right?

But, think about it — it’s an entire building dedicated to your work. No distractions, just you and your thoughts.

And if you have yard space…

But no room for a standalone office, living room office, bedroom office, or closet office inside your home…

Creating a work environment entirely from scratch, that’s perfectly tailored to your needs, in your backyard is pretty ingenious.

How to Get Started

If you already have a shed collecting dust, you’re halfway there.

Start by inspecting your current shed, or scout for the perfect spot in your garden to build a new one if you don’t.

Consider factors like natural light, insulation, and access to a power supply.

Look at different shed designs online to decide on one that matches your style and work needs (and budget). Remember, this is more than just a shed; it’s your potential productivity powerhouse.

Where to Learn More About Home Office Sheds

19. Upgrade Your Office Supplies

home office supplies

You might be tempted to stock up like it’s the end of the world.

But, quality trumps quantity.

Opt for a few top-notch essentials…

One really good pen. Maybe a letter opener so you’re not opening mail with your hands. Perhaps one of those red staplers Milton loved so much.

By focusing on quality, you’ll not only reduce clutter but also add a touch of class to your office.

How to Get Started

Take stock of your supplies and decide who makes the cut.

Put quality at the top of your list, focusing on the tools that boost your productivity.

After all, your work is worth the best. Right?

20. Add Jet Fuel to Your Productivity With a Few Pieces of Office Tech

You might think it’s all about the computer, but there’s a world of tech out there ready to turbocharge your workday.

From apps to keep you organized to countdown counters that keep you on track, the right tech can launch your home office into the stratosphere of productivity.

How to Get Started

Look for tech that can turbocharge your workday…

A smart speaker for your forgetful side, a second monitor for your busy bee, noise-canceling headphones to help you focus, and so on.

In other words, invest in the tech that will send your productivity skyrocketing.

21. Add a Mini Fridge: Your Personal Snack Haven

Mini fridge for your home office

Hear me out…

Having a mini fridge in your office isn’t about promoting endless snacking. No, it’s about saving time and staying healthy.

No more trips to the kitchen when you’re in the middle of something crucial. Plus, you can stock it with brain-boosting snacks and drinks to keep you on your A-game throughout the day.

So, if think about it, adding a mini fridge to your home office is really a no-brainer: It increases your productivity and makes it easier to eat healthy.

And if the random Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup happens to end up in the fridge somehow, well, what can you do?

How to Get Started

Begin by choosing a spot in your office where a mini fridge could comfortably fit without causing clutter.

Then, research the best mini fridges that are energy efficient and quiet.

(Just don’t overlook the “quiet” part. You’ll be working right next to the thing all day. Quiet is huge.)

22. Get an Air Purifier

Air purifier in your workspace

Now, this might sound like a luxury rather than a necessity, but a HEPA air purifier can make a huge difference in your home office environment.

These little devices work tirelessly to filter out airborne particles (I’m looking at you, dust and pollen), improving air quality and reducing allergens.

This means fewer headaches, fewer sneezes, less fatigue, and more productivity (since you aren’t sneezing every two seconds).

Plus, breathing clean air can make you feel more alert and energized.

How to Get Started

Start by learning more about the different types of air purifiers that are available.

Pay attention to factors such as noise level (just like a mini fridge, if an air purifier is going to be running while you work, it needs to be quiet), filter replacement frequency (which is the big recurring expense), and size (unless your home office is huge, you won’t need a large one).

Once you’ve picked the perfect model, find a spot in your office where the air purifier can do its job effectively without being obtrusive (i.e., annoying).

So, Which of These Home Office Ideas Will Be Your Gateway to Workplace Bliss?

With these home office ideas at your fingertips, you hold the key to transforming your workspace into a sanctuary of inspiration and productivity.

Trust me, once you dive in and start revamping your office, you’ll soon be basking in the satisfaction of a work environment that’s genuinely, unapologetically you.

Good luck.

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