Who We Are (& How We Can Help You)

The TL;DR: We're the definitive resource for anyone who wants to create the home office of their dreams.

Ever feel like your home office is more of a chaotic storage room than a tranquil place where you can get stuff done?

Do you ever find yourself constantly procrastinating, feeling like you're stuck in a rut, and wondering if your workspace is the culprit?

Or maybe your home office is just so drab, so uninspiring, that you walk into it some days and mutter "nope" before turning around and returning from which you came?

Heck, maybe you nodded YES to all three.

But don't stress — we've got your back.

At I Love My Home Office, our mission is simple: To be the definitive resource for anyone who wants to create the home office of their dreams.

We're a team of content marketing veterans who were bit by the "work from home" bug many, many years ago. We love WFH. We love our home offices. And we want you to love yours too.

Meet the Team

Jon Morrow


Despite being unable to move from the neck down, Jon Morrow has become one of the top writers online, started multiple successful companies, and now teaches and speaks around the world.

Kevin J. Duncan


Blessed with a loving wife and three beautiful daughters, Kevin gets to hear their squeals and giggles as he works from his home office doing what he loves: running the best blogs on the planet.

Sam Driver


Sam is a family man who loves to write. When he’s not goofing around with his kids, he’s honing his skills to provide lasting value to anyone who cares to listen.

Just Imagine...

...a workspace tailored to your needs, where everything has a place, and you're surrounded by elements that inspire and energize you.

Doesn't that sound like a dream?

We promise you it's within your reach, and we'll help you reach it.

Through this website, we'll show you great products (click here to read our affiliate disclosure), share our years of experience, and give you the tools and know-how needed to transform your workspace into a sanctuary that not only boosts your productivity but also brings a smile to your face.

Sound good?

Then let's get to it.