The 5 Best Office Floating Shelves to Revamp Your Workspace

The 5 Best Office Floating Shelves to Revamp Your Workspace

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Sam Driver


Looking to spruce up your workspace but short on floor space? Office floating shelves are the answer you’ve been seeking. 

Not only do they save room, but they also add a dash of style and functionality to any office setting. 

Whether you’re stashing books, displaying awards, or simply organizing your workspace, floating shelves offer a clean, sleek look that’s both eye-catching and utilitarian. 

So, ready to take your office decor to the next level? 

Let’s dive right in!

What Should You Consider Before Buying an Office Floating Shelf?

Before you jump into the sea of options, let’s take a step back. What should you be asking yourself before jumping into new shelving?

  • Space: How much wall real estate do you have? Measure twice, buy once!
  • Purpose: Are you storing heavy books or showcasing delicate trinkets?
  • Material: From solid wood to acrylic, your choice will influence durability and looks.
  • Budget: From high-end marble to budget-friendly plywood, there’s a shelf for every pocket.
  • Installation: Are you a DIY guru with a stud finder at the ready, or will you need professional help?
  • Style: Does the shelf need to match your existing office decor, or is it setting a new tone?
  • Flexibility: Do you need something adjustable or extendable for future needs?

Now that you’re armed with these considerations let’s dive into the various types of office floating shelves that can make your workspace both functional and fabulous.

5 Top Office Floating Shelf Ideas That’ll Elevate Your Workspace (& Productivity)

home office desk shelves

Ready to give your workspace a transformative makeover that not only enhances its style but also boosts your productivity? 

Discover the top 5 office floating shelf ideas that’ll do just that…

1. Solid Wood Floating Shelves

When you think of robust yet elegant shelving options, it’s hard not to be charmed by the allure of solid wood

These shelves are the epitome of enduring sophistication, easily becoming a focal point in your workspace. 

Imagine walking into your home office, the natural light reflecting off a dark mahogany or warm oak shelf, elevating the entire ambiance of the room. 

It’s a marriage of form and function, where even the most mundane office supplies feel like they’re part of a curated collection.

What sets solid wood apart is not just its timeless aesthetic, but its reliability. 

Heavy books, delicate trinkets, or a mix of both — solid wood shelves can handle it all without even a hint of sagging. 

It’s a long-term investment, one that could very well outlast the computer sitting on your desk. 

And let’s not forget the sheer tactile pleasure of running your hand over a smooth, polished wood surface; it’s a small luxury that’s bound to make your workdays a little brighter.

The only caveat? 

Solid wood shelves require a little tender love and care. Periodic polishing not only keeps them looking pristine but also enriches the wood’s natural tones. 

But if you ask us, that’s a small price to pay for the kind of opulence and functionality they add to your workspace.

2. DIY Floating Shelves

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Ah, the sweet satisfaction of making something with your own two hands. If you’re someone who finds solace in the hum of a power drill or the smell of freshly cut wood, DIY floating shelves are your playground.

And what’s more personal than creating a piece of furniture tailored exactly to your needs?

Got a collection of antique globes or vintage cameras? Design your shelf with custom dimensions to make sure they have a home that’s just as unique as they are.

You can use a variety of materials, from plywood to reclaimed wood, and make it as straightforward or intricate as your skill level allows. Some people even add built-in lighting for a futuristic touch or a dash of rustic flair with distressed wood.

With a trusty stud finder and some basic tools, you can go from a blank wall to an organized, personal space in just a weekend.

However, DIY is not all rainbows and unicorns; it demands time, effort, and a bit of know-how. Your workspace could turn into a mini-construction site, filled with wood shavings and screws.

But when that shelf is up, displaying your prized possessions or necessary clutter, you’ll know it was worth every moment spent.

After all, nothing says ‘you’ like something you’ve crafted yourself.

3. Industrial Floating Shelves

For those of you who are fans of the edgier, loft-style aesthetic, industrial floating shelves are where it’s at.

Think exposed brick walls, dark metal accents, and perhaps a collection of black-and-white photographs; industrial shelves are the finishing touch that pulls it all together.

These shelves often combine wood and metal elements, capturing both strength and design sophistication in one go.

Imagine steel brackets adorned with rivets, cradling a thick wooden shelf. This blend of materials offers not just durability but also that touch of raw, architectural interest that makes your office setting truly stand out.

You can even go the extra mile and opt for reclaimed wood for an authentic, rugged feel.

The sturdiness of industrial floating shelves does come with one key consideration: wall support.

If your wall studs are not strong enough to support the weight, then it’s back to the drawing board.

But once they’re up, rest assured that these shelves are in it for the long haul, just like that old leather chair you refuse to part with.

Whether you’re storing hefty reference books or a collection of unique pottery, industrial floating shelves make sure they’re held in style.

4. Glass Floating Shelves

If you’re aiming for a workspace that’s a cut above the ordinary, glass floating shelves serve as the epitome of elegance.

These shelves possess the unique ability to make even a cramped space appear expansive as they catch and reflect light in a mesmerizing fashion. Imagine a frosted or clear glass shelf against a dark, moody wall.

This stark contrast can serve as a visual pause in a room otherwise filled with vibrant colors or busy patterns. It’s an understated way to make a design statement.

But let’s not limit these glass marvels to just aesthetic appeal; they are quite practical too. Consider keeping your sleek office equipment or stationery on these shelves.

The glass surface is exceptionally easy to clean; a quick wipe down with a cloth is usually enough to maintain its luster.

Still concerned about durability? Opt for tempered glass, which can surprisingly hold a considerable amount of weight.

It’s like having the best of both worlds — beauty and brawn all rolled into one.

Just remember, the elegance of glass comes with a price tag, but for those looking to create a plush workspace, it’s often worth every penny.

5. Corner Shelves

home office corner shelf

When your office space is more “cozy” than “capacious,” corner shelves emerge as the unsung heroes of storage solutions. These ingenious creations slide effortlessly into any corner, turning previously unused space into a functional storage haven.

Picture this: your cherished family photos or even your collection of motivational books find a new home that neither clutters your desk nor demands valuable wall space elsewhere.

What sets corner shelves apart is their adaptability.

Whether your office vibes are modern, minimalist, or boho chic, there’s a corner shelf design that will blend seamlessly with your existing decor.

Some come with intricate designs that can act as standalone pieces of art, while others are more subtle, quietly complementing the room’s aesthetics.

Here’s another thought — why not make a mini garden nook? Succulents, small potted plants, or even a bowl of colorful pebbles can find a lovely home on your corner shelves.

These small natural elements can bring a sense of calm and creativity to your workspace.

The only limitation is that these shelves aren’t typically designed to hold your library of hardcovers or hefty office equipment.

Elevate Your Workspace With Office Floating Shelves

You know that feeling when you step into your office, and everything just feels… blah? 

We’ve all been there, trust me. But guess what? You’ve got the power to change that. 

With just a couple of floating shelves, you can not only declutter your space but also turn it into an area you love working in. 

So go ahead, take that step, and give your office the love it deserves.

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