10+ Best Desk Organization Ideas to Clear Your Desk (& Mind)

10+ Best Desk Organization Ideas to Clear Your Desk (& Mind)

written by

Sam Driver


You’re just one click away from decluttering your workspace and your mind with our desk organization ideas. 

Ever find yourself drowning in a sea of paperwork, pens, and Post-its, unsure of where to start? 

Fear not! 

We’ve got 12 actionable, mind-clearing strategies ready for you. 

They’re simple, they’re savvy, and they’re about to revolutionize the way you work. 

Ready to transform chaos into calm? 

Let’s begin.

1. Harness the Power of Desk Organizers

Desk organizers are more than simple storage tools; they’re your secret weapon in creating a vibrant, minimalist home office.

Imagine having a designated space for every item on your desk.

Whether you opt for a traditional wooden organizer or an avant-garde metal design, you’ll save precious minutes that were once spent on searching for that one elusive pen.

Let’s not forget the aesthetic element, either.

An artistically crafted desk organizer can become a striking centerpiece, reflecting your personal style and setting the tone for your workspace.

Want to add a personal touch?

Try making a DIY desk organizer from reclaimed wood — it’s eco-friendly and a satisfying creative project.

2. Explore the Vertical Space

home office floating shelf

Vertical space is like a secret room in your house — full of potential if only you dare to open the door.

Floating shelves or hanging baskets could be the answer to your clutter woes.

They can serve as perfect homes for your books, small plants, or even decorative items that infuse your workspace with character.

If your office overlooks a stunning cityscape or a serene garden, placing less frequently used items on shelves can also keep your sightlines clear, allowing you to fully enjoy the view.

Or consider a DIY project, like creating a hanging organizer from a repurposed ladder. It’s a conversation starter and a space-saver rolled into one!

3. Go for a Monitor Stand

A monitor stand is more than an ergonomic solution; it’s an undercover organizer.

By raising your monitor to eye level, you’re preventing neck strain and discovering an entirely new storage realm underneath.

That’s prime real estate for your keyboard when not in use, or a home for your planner, journal, or important documents.

Fancy a bit of DIY?

Transform a sturdy, old bookshelf into a one-of-a-kind monitor stand, adding a layer of rustic charm to your workspace.

4. Embrace the Binder Clip Hack

Cable management clips

Binder clips — they’re the unsung heroes of the office world.

Sure, they’re excellent for keeping documents together, but have you ever considered them as cord organizers?

With the proliferation of devices, your desk may resemble a spaghetti junction of cables.

Binder clips attached to the edge of your desk can keep your charging cords, headphone cables, and other wires in check.

It’s a simple hack that can prevent tripping accidents and provide you with a safer, neater workspace.

5. Incorporate a Magazine Holder

Think of a magazine holder as your versatile friend, ever ready to lend a helping hand.

Besides storing your favorite publications, it can double up as a file organizer, making it easier to grab project folders or client files.

Got a spare one?

Transform it into a unique home for your notebooks or a hiding spot for your keyboard when not in use.

Opt for a sleek metal design for a modern look or a wooden holder for a touch of vintage charm.

6. Invest in a Desk Drawer Organizer

Investing in a desk drawer organizer will significantly impact your desk’s overall organization.

It will transform your drawer from a chaotic mess into a haven of sorted items. From pens and sticky notes to paper clips and chargers, everything will have its own place.

Consider an organizer with various compartment sizes to accommodate different items.

For instance, larger compartments are great for calculators or staplers, while smaller ones can store erasers or thumbtacks.

Here’s a quick tip…

Regularly declutter and tidy up your drawer.

Make it a habit to do a quick sweep at the end of the week — remove items that don’t belong there and ensure everything is in its dedicated slot.

7. Go for a Pencil Cup & Desk Tray

These classic desk organization ideas never go out of style for a reason.

A pencil cup and desk tray not only keep your supplies in check, but they also add a touch of personal style to your workspace.

A wooden pencil cup can add a warm, rustic charm, while a metal one can impart a sleek, modern vibe.

The same goes for desk trays. From acrylic to leather, choose a material and design that speaks to your personal style.

A desk tray is an excellent place for items that are frequently used. Keep sticky notes, clips, and other small office supplies within easy reach.

8. DIY Organizer Ideas

diy office chair mat

Getting creative with DIY organizers not only serves a functional purpose, but it also gives you an opportunity to personalize your workspace.

For example, an old muffin tin can transform into a fantastic desk drawer organizer for small items like paper clips or thumbtacks.

Each cup becomes a separate compartment.

Mason jars, too, can become stylish pencil holders or containers for markers and paintbrushes.

Got old shoeboxes? Don’t throw them away!

Wrap them in a fun fabric or decorative paper and use them as under-the-desk storage for larger items like notebooks or sketchpads.

9. Filing Cabinet for Paper Clutter

Paper clutter can quickly overwhelm your desk. A small filing cabinet, however, can tuck neatly under your desk, providing a dedicated space for your documents.

Consider creating categories for your files: “To Do,” “To File,” “To Read,” etc.

This way, you will not only keep your desk tidy but also make your workflow more efficient.

10. Make Use of Under-Desk Space

If your desk space is limited, think creatively about the unused space under your desk. Small storage carts or rolling drawer units can easily fit under most desks.

These can house office supplies, personal items, or even a cozy blanket for those colder days.

You could also consider a small filing cabinet for your under-desk space, particularly if you’re dealing with lots of paperwork.

Always remember, out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of reach!

Use this space to your advantage but ensure it doesn’t become a dumping ground for items that don’t have a proper place elsewhere.

11. The Magic of Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips, though small, pack a punch in their organizing capabilities.

These handy tools can secure small metal items such as binder clips, paper clips, and scissors, freeing up your workspace and making these items easy to find.

Imagine how much time you can save when you no longer have to dig through drawers for your favorite pair of scissors.

Installation is a breeze — simply mount the strip on a wall near your desk or inside a desk drawer.

Want to add a splash of personality?

Look for magnetic strips with designs or patterns that match your workspace aesthetic.

12. Labeling

labeled items

The art of labeling is a game-changer in desk organization.

With a simple label maker, you can transform a chaotic drawer into a haven of order.

Each drawer, each box, and each document can have a designated spot, taking the guesswork out of where to find that all-important report when crunch time comes.

Labeling is also an opportunity to inject a bit of fun into your workspace.

Choose colorful labels, or consider a label maker with different fonts to bring your personality to the forefront of your workspace.

Remember, a well-organized workspace is a reflection of a well-organized mind.

13. Leverage Wall Space

When desk and drawer space are fully utilized, look to your walls!

A corkboard or whiteboard can act as an extended memory for your brain, housing important reminders, schedules, or inspiring quotes.

These boards not only keep your desk clear but also keep your mind focused and clutter-free.

Get creative by sectioning your board into different areas — for example, a ‘To-Do’ section, an ‘Ideas’ corner, or an ‘Inspiration’ area.

Even more, you can personalize your board with a frame that matches your workspace vibe, or use colored markers or pushpins for added visual organization.

14. Portable Office Supply Caddy

For those who need to switch between work and personal life in the same space, a portable office supply caddy can be your best ally.

It neatly holds your pens, sticky notes, binder clips, and more, enabling you to set up and break down your workspace in seconds.

Consider adding small compartments or dividers within the caddy to create designated homes for different items.

If you often work in different areas of your home, choose a caddy with a handle for easy transportation.

This way, your work tools will be organized and ready wherever you decide to set up shop.

Wrapping Up Our Journey Through Desk Organization Ideas

Remember, a tidy desk means a clear mind

These desk organization ideas are your ticket to a more focused, productive, and stress-free workday. 

So, take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves, and create the workspace you deserve!

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